HIGHVOLT Calibration

High Voltage Calibration Laboratory

DAkkS registration number D-K-19153-01-00

The core competence of the calibration laboratory of HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH is the calibration of electrical measurands, with a focus on high-voltage applications. The calibrations are performed at high DC voltages, AC voltages and impulse voltages. Here, it is not only the high voltages that are measured in the calibration processes; instead, the different types of high voltage also form the boundary conditions for the calibration of associated measurands in the area of high voltage. Measurands include capacitance, dissipation factor, impulse power and AC power.

Accredited calibration laboratory since 1999

DAkkS Akkreditierungsurkunde nach DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

The calibration laboratory of HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle, DAkkS) in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. DAkkS is a signatory of the Multilateral Agreement of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) for mutual recognition of calibration certificates.

The calibration laboratory of HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH is a member of the German Calibration Service (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst, DKD).

Accredited measurands

The accreditation certificate contains a detailed description of the accredited measurands and the smallest measurement uncertainties that can be stated for the calibration laboratory.

Calibration objects

  • AC measuring systems, AC voltage dividers
  • DC measuring systems, DC voltage dividers
  • Impulse voltage measuring systems, impulse voltage dividers for lightning impulse voltage and switching impulse voltage
  • Universal voltage measuring systems, universal voltage dividers
  • Impulse current measuring systems, current sensors, current shunts for impulse current 8/20 µs
  • Reference capacitors and capacitance standards
  • Capacitance measuring bridges
  • Power measuring systems and power loss measuring systems
  • Dissipation factor measuring bridges
  • Measuring instruments
  • Digital recorders
  • Calibrators


  • System calibration of measuring systems
  • Calibration of components of measuring systems
  • Calibration of measuring instruments
  • Control measurements on measuring systems and measuring instruments (so-called "performance checks")

Calibration location

  • On-site at the customer
  • Calibration laboratory of HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH



Transition to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

 The transition to the new accreditation standard ISO 17025:2017 has been succesfully finished.

 The german tranlation of the ISO 17025:2017 is the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. Because the release date of this standard was November 2017, the german translation has been published in 2018.


AC power

Addition of a new measurands to the accreditation scope; AC power up to

  • 200 MVA apparent power
  • 200 MW active power
  • 200 Mvar reactive power


Accreditation by DAkkS

Accreditation of the company HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH by the new German accreditation body DAkkS


Impulse current

Addition of a new measurand to the accreditation scope; impulse current 8/20 µs up to 200 kA


Widening of the accreditation scope

Expanded measuring ranges for high-voltage measurands


Capacitance and dissipation factor

Widening of the accreditation scope to include further measurands; capacitance and dissipation factor of high-voltage capacitors and measuring bridges


Measuring instruments

Widening of the accreditation scope


Initial accreditation

Accreditation of the company HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH by DKD for the calibration of high-voltage measuring systems and high-voltage measuring instruments


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