Research and development

    Research and development are the pillars on which the future of our company rests. We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and product ideas that can offer our customers added value, and have been doing so for 80 years.

    Our engineers are also inspired by unconventional ideas. To develop new, innovative products, they pursue their own paths and constantly question existing rules and conventions. At the same time, they use MR’s unique wealth of experience to continuously improve the reliability of our products. Because only one thing counts in the world of energy supply – the reliability and availability of the operating equipment.

    Each new development must work absolutely reliably from the moment it is launched. We ensure this by using proven components and by testing the product in our globally unique Test Center. In a variety of electrical, mechanical and climatic tests, our tap-changers have to prove that they will be able to perform their duty even in extreme situations – without any exceptions. The products are checked very thoroughly by over eighty employees. Ultimately, we want to offer our customers the most reliable products on the market.

    It is thus not surprising that the tap-changers we develop, as well as their drive systems and accessories, are extremely long-lasting. A lifespan of over 40 years is not uncommon. However, even the long lifecycles of the individual model ranges are typical of MR. We continuously analyze each series to find out whether product reliability and customer benefits can be improved. We thus ensure that our products become even better with each facelift.