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    MESSKO® MLog®

    Transport Monitoring for Highest Standards

    Your benefits at
    a glance

    • Continuous monitoring of transport operations leads to significantly reduced transport damage
    • No possibility of tampering, thanks to seamless documentation of accelerations, shock occurrences, temperature and humidity
    • Adjustable alarm limits and recording intervals for adjustment to individual needs
    • Extremely long battery life and large storage capacity for long transport operations
    • Clearly structured software for configuring parameters without training effort
    • Durability and operational reliability thanks to resistance to UV rays, seawater, oil and temperature as well as splash and dust protection in accordance with IP65

    Product description

    MESSKO® MLog® – Premium Transport Monitoring Device for your good(s)

    In the globalization era with its worldwide networking of multimodal transport routes, it is crucial to track and monitor shipments continuously.

    There is an increasing trend the world over to transport goods around the globe by land, sea and air on a daily basis. During the journey to their destination, the goods to be transported are exposed to a wide variety of influences and impacts such as heat, vibrations and centrifugal forces. Regardless of this, the aim of every transport process is to deliver the goods to the destination undamaged and untampered with.

    The MESSKO® MLog® offers the perfect solution for reliable transport tracking and condition monitoring of shipments, goods and valuables of all types.

    The MESSKO® MLog® - setting new standards

    The MESSKO® MLog® stores and visualizes a large number of parameters, events and border crossings and renders them transparent for both carrier and customer. In addition to acceleration in 3 orthogonal spatial directions (X-, Y-, Z-axis), it also records parameters such as ambient temperature and relative humidity. The MESSKO® MLog® can optionally be extended with additional, freely parameterizable analog and digital inputs. Thanks to the GPS function, the load can be tracked anywhere in the world and the transport route can be traced back in order to find the location of any events that may have occurred during the shipment. If required, the MESSKO® MLog® version IM100 can be supplied with a Bluetooth and GSM module to enable wireless data transfer and communication. The GSM module ensures direct communication with MESSKO® MLog® wherever the device is located.

    The use of standard high-quality batteries guarantees that the device will function for up to a year. Another advantage: the MESSKO® MLog® is not subject to any separate transport regulations, such as is the case of comparable devices operated with lithium batteries.

    With the MLog®, Messko offers a monitoring device precisely tailored to the customer’s needs - robust, compact, easy to operate and of high-quality material. Another product from the Messko-quality range.

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    MESSKO® MLog® Analyser

    The “MLog® Analyser” software can be used for convenient parameterization of the MESSKO® MLog® device from a PC via a USB interface or Bluetooth connection (password required) and for analyzing the recorded data.


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