A flair for invention, expertise, continuity

    These are the constants that have marked the success of the Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH right from the very start and remain decisive for the REINHAUSEN Group for the future.

    Ingenious invention at just the right moment

    The nucleus of the group of companies is to be found in the Reinhausen district of Regensburg. Cleaving frame saws for wood processing were produced here from the foundation in the year 1868 onwards. Andreas Scheubeck changed the name of the company to Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) in 1901. In 1926 Dr. Bernhard Jansen invented the high-speed resistor-type tap-changer that allowed the transmission ratio of transformers to be changed under load without interruption. Working together with brothers Oskar and Richard Scheubeck, the product became known around the world as the "REINHAUSEN tap changer." The period after the end of the Second World War saw a boom in the demand for tap changers. In the year 1953, Oskar and Richard Scheubeck built a modern factory that was continuously expanded in the years that followed.


    Internationalization leads to networking

    Consistent internationalization of our company added additional milestones to the success story that continues to this day. In 1980, the first subsidiary was founded in Brazil. Since that time, we have continuously expanded our internationality, with over 20 subsidiaries globally. In this way, one-of-a-kind customer relationships, the highest level of closeness to the customer, and a globally unique service network originated.

    Innovations and new business areas as success factors

    Consequent innovations in products and processes have also contributed to the success story. In 1973, our company brought the first oil on-load tap changer to the market. In the year 2000, the technology leap into vacuum technology followed. A number of patents, license assignments and, in recent history, the opening of the new test center in Regensburg in 2007 demonstrate the particular emphasis on innovations.
    The takeover of medium-voltage reactive power compensation from Siemens AG in 1997 and the low-voltage compensation systems from AEG in 2003, as well as the acquisition of Messko Albert Hauser GmbH and Co KG in 1999, illustrate the continuous expansion of the business into energy technology. Together with the other companies of the Reinhausen Group, since 1868, we have formed an independent family company.