Corporate Social Responsibility

    Social commitment as an important part of our corporate culture

    Alongside cooperation with universities, technical institutes and schools and numerous work-life balance offerings, MR makes targeted investments in networks and secure jobs in the region.

    Family-friendliness is very important to us. We believe that allowing our staff to combine their family with their work is a valuable investment. So we offer many different ways of doing just that. This includes, in particular, our company nursery "Villa Kunterbunt", our"MR-kidz" program which offers activities for employees' kids during school vacations, and various language camps.

    Moreover, the Scheubeck-Jansen fund, connected to MR, is dedicated to promoting science and education. Examples of our commitment are financing the sensor professorship at the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences and awarding the annual "Praktikus" prize for excellent services in training in the metal and electrical engineering fields.