REINHAUSEN solutions for offshore wind farms

    Robust and efficient connections for offshore wind farms

    Offshore wind farms make up a large part of the renewable energy mix. 630 megawatts of capacity are installed in the London Array wind farm off the UK alone. Harvesting power from the wind at sea requires state-of-the-art technology: Sea water and salty, damp sea air attack the equipment. The technology has to be extremely reliable as poor weather often hampers access to the platforms and therefore maintenance. To protect ecosystems, oil-filled transformers have to be fully sealed. In the collector stations where the wind turbines are linked to form generation clusters, the tap-changers have to switch frequently to compensate for fluctuations in power generation. Many wind farms are so far away from the coast that their power can only be cost-effectively and efficiently transported to land using high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission. Converter stations at sea and on land convert the power accordingly.


    REINHAUSEN helps you to design power generation in the wind farm and links to the grid as efficiently as possible. On-load tap-changers keep voltage constant within the wind farm. With its vacuum tap-changers, MR enables 300,000 tap-change operations without maintenance – representing decades of smooth operation. They are suited to hermetic transformers and HVDC inverters/transformers, both in thyristor-based equipment and self-managed systems with bipolar, switchable power semiconductors. Our measurement technology for the transformer is designed for harsh environmental conditions at sea. It helps you to assess the transformer and forms the basis for condition-based maintenance. Active filters from MR Power Quality make possible a clean black start for isolated networks. The silicone-shielded composite isolators from POWER COMPOSITES® satisfy the strict requirements for use at sea too. And it goes without saying that our global service is available around the clock.