Cost-effective plant operation

    REINHAUSEN solutions for photovoltaic power plants


    Depending on their size, photovoltaic power plants are connected to low-, medium- or high-voltage grids. As the number of systems in the low-voltage grid grows, this grid is reaching its voltage band capacity. Relief is provided in the form of solutions for voltage regulation in the distribution grid. This enables grid operators to safeguard the supply without having to invest immediately in expensive grid expansion. Larger solar parks have to comply with the guidelines for medium- and high-voltage grids. These include compensation and provision of reactive power and ensuring voltage quality. Systems optimized for connection to the grid ensure reliable feed-in while complying with grid conditions. They also help to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance work. The systems have to cope with a wide range of ambient conditions depending on location.


    REINHAUSEN helps you to efficiently connect photovoltaic power plants to the grid. We provide solar park project planners, installers, and operators with advice from the planning stage until the point at which the grid connection is commissioned – in particular with regard to all matters relating to voltage stability, voltage quality, and reactive power compensation (Power Quality). Through dynamic compensation systems, the connection voltage can also be stabilized at the point of connection. We also help to stabilize the distribution grid with controllable local grid stations. In the medium-voltage grid, our on-load tap-changers regulate the voltage at the feed-in transformer for your solar park with outstanding reliability. Vacuum tap-changers from MR perform 300,000 tap-changes without maintenance for decades of smooth operation. They work in hermetic transformers as well as with alternative, environmentally-friendly insulation liquids. Reliable measurement technology supports condition-based maintenance. And it goes without saying that our global service is always available.