REINHAUSEN solutions for the production of copper


    High availability, operational reliability and efficient use of energy are central requirements in the production of copper. Stable processes in the electrolysis cells are essential for high product quality. The transformers with complex tap windings need tap changers with many tap positions to ensure the correct voltage in the electrolysis process. If electric arc furnaces are used, these require a very good voltage stability and compensation systems to prevent line perturbation. Inductive loads such as electric arc furnaces and large electric motors create demand for reactive power and the harmonics from rectifiers for the electrolysis supply impair the line voltage. Both effects must be compensated for as efficiently as possible to cut operating costs and avoid the risk of failure. A similar situation exists in the rolling mill, where powerful electric drives require additional reactive power and, under some circumstances, cause harmonics in the grid.


    The products and service available from REINHAUSEN give you the reliability you need for safe and efficient operation. Our vacuum technology on-load tap-changers perform 300,000 and more tap-change operations without maintenance and at high currents. The VACUTAP® VR I HD vacuum tap changer can undertake as many as 600,000 tap changes without maintenance and only needs a new diverter switch insert after 1.2 million tap changes. This keeps downtimes and operating costs low. Given the longer operating period and reduced maintenance costs, it makes perfect sense to replace existing on-load tap-changers in oil with vacuum tap changers. REINHAUSEN Power Quality filter circuit systems designed for your plant ensure a clean line voltage and stable operation even when using speed-controlled drives. Appropriate systems for reactive power compensation take the strain off your equipment and cut costs. Further operational reliability comes from the optimum coordination of all Power Quality components with the MR tap changers. Our service is available worldwide, highly qualified and is always on hand if needed.

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