Your benefits at
    a glance

    • Fiber optic measurement of the hot spot temperature using fiber Bragg grating technology
    • Multiple measuring head with 3 measurement points per MSpot®-Sensor
    • Up to 8 fiber optic MSpot® sensors can be connected to one module
    • Up to 4 modules = 32 sensors possible per MTeC® EPT303
    • 8-language, intuitive user interface
    • Display and control unit MESSKO® MControl 7-inch touch display


    Working offshore, in heat or a tropical climate? By taking measurements directly in the windings, the MESSKO® MTEC® EPT303 Fiber Optics guarantees temperature management for your transformer that is always based on high-precision hot spot temperatures – allowing your transformer to be monitored with greater accuracy – and thus ensuring maximum service life.

    A state-of-the-art solution for monitoring and controlling the thermal conditions in your transformer is provided by the fiber optic module and the proven basic module of the MESSKO® MTEC® EPT303 series together with tried and tested, fiber optic temperature measuring technology, controlled by a flexible and user-friendly interface.

    Right at the source

    A fully extended MTEC® EPT303 FO allows up to 32 MESSKO® MS® sensors to be fitted. These can be positioned directly in the transformer's windings and record the hot spot temperature where it counts, i.e. at the hottest point on the windings.

    The head decides

    To rule out signs of aging, the Messko engineers use fiber Bragg grating technology. Rather than producing the sensor from a mix of different materials, the optic fiber itself becomes the sensor — so it is not possible for a sensitive measurement to be detached.

    Proven quality that you can rely on

    The tried and tested MESSKO® MTEC® EPT303 base module provides the analysis intelligence needed to ensure optimum transformer cooling with the precise measurements of the MSpot® sensors. The cooling system can also be individually configured: Up to seven cooling stages can be freely configured.


    The clear user interface aids intuitive operation.

    Flexible calculation of remaining service life - using a traditional method or fiber optic measurement.

    Visualization and operation on just one user interface.

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