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    Your benefits at
    a glance

    Designed with future requirements in mind
    • The top-performance vacuum on-load tap-changer for future applications (up to 6,000kVA!)
    • Suitable for selected alternative insulation fluids
    Maintenance-free and low life-cycle costs
    • Completely maintenance-free in most applications
    • Maintenance interval of 300,000 tap changes without time-based components
    • Lifetime of the diverter switch insert is 1.2 million tap-change operations
    Maximum operational reliability
    • Absolutely reliable arc quenching thanks to VACUTAP® Advanced Arc Control System
    • Maximum protection of the diverter thanks to VACUTAP® Step Protection System®


    Technical Data

    Max. rated through-current
    1,300 A
    or 2,600 A*
    Max. rated through-current three-phase 1,300 A
    Max. rated step voltage 6,000 V**
    Max. rated step capacity single-phase 6.000 kVA or
    12.000 kVA**
    Max. rated step capacity three-phase 6.000 kVA
    Highest voltage for equipment Um: 72,5 – 420 kV
    Application at neutral point (three-phase) or at any selectable winding position
    Operating positions without change-over selector 18 max.
    Operating positions with change-over selector 35 max.

    * Forced current splitting due to two
       parallel winding branches required

    ** Special applications upon request

    Product description

    More than 20,000 VACUTAP® VR units are currently demonstrating their value for our customers around the world. Our engineers incorporated this one-of-a-kind operating experience into the development of the new VACUTAP® VR. The result is sure to impress: Optimization of the design allowed us to increase the permitted values for step voltage and switching capacity once again.

    The option of combining the VR with the brand new R-selector design provides additional advantages. The new R-selector displays these advantages through the significantly increased tap-changing capacity of the change-over selector and higher permissible operating and testing voltages. This means that higher power requirements are ideal for taking full advantage of the strengths of this combination. In addition, the Active Gas Inhibition System* can be used to reduce gas generation in the transformer tank caused by tap selector operations by up to 90 percent.

    Reliable. Rugged. Economical.
    These three traits are the essence of our VACUTAP® technology. And the VACUTAP® VR takes advantage of the enormous versatility offered by this technology. It is ideal for all operating applications:

    • Grid
    • Electric arc furnace
    • HVDC
    • Variable shunt reactors
    • Phase shifters

    In terms of economy, the VACUTAP® VR makes no compromises, enabling 300,000 tap change operations withut any maintenance. The diverter switch insert can be used for 1.2 million tap changes before needing replacement.