HiRES Locator

HiRES LocatorThe transient recorder HiRES Locator is a versatile device for localization of  breakdowns in cable systems. HiRES Locator is the quality assistance system for electrical energy transmission and distribution grids.

Testing in the factory

In its application for high voltage testing of power cables in the factory HiRES Locator can be used with any suitable high voltage test system for factory testing. In order to increase the measuring accuracy, the measurement can be carried out at both cable ends. In this case, a transient recorder HiRES Locator with two measuring channels is used.

Testing on-site

HiRES Locator can be integrated into any suitable test system for on-site tests of cable systems after installation.

Online monitoring

The transient recorder is permanently connected with the power cable system during its operation. In case of a breakdown in the cable system HiRES Locator measures and evaluates the original breakdown event. For localization of the breakdown not further testing on the cable is required.



  • Testing of MV and HV cables in the factory
  • On-site testing of MV and HV cables after installation
  • Online monitoring of cable systems


  • Immediate breakdown localization
  • Recording and evaluation of the initial breakdown event
  • Suitable for use with any adequate HV source


Technical parameters

Technical Data