Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m studying International Cultural and Business Studies at the University of Passau. Recently, I was given the chance to do my 12-weeks internship at Reinhausen Manufacturing in Humboldt, Tennessee.
    Besides supporting the HR department with document filing and audit of governmental required documents, I also helped the Organizational Development team to organize employee events.
    Right from the start the unbelievable friendly people here made me feel very welcome and made time pass by way too quickly. I can only recommend interning in another country if you want to improve and develop professional and personal skills.


    Hello, my name is Simon.
    During my internship with RM I have been working on multiple smaller projects in the Purchasing/Logistics and Accounting department and consequently I was able to learn a lot of different things. Due to the friendly and hospitable nature of all the people and colleagues here it has been a unique experience to work and live in the US and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I would like to thank MR for giving me this great opportunity to do my internship abroad with Reinhausen Manufacturing in Tennessee.


    Hi, I'm Stephan.
    During my internship I supported the engineering department in updating the 3D CAD data of the RMV-II tap changer which is exclusively produced in the United States. For this purpose, it was necessary to create assemblies of individual components and assembly drawings, as well as to file the variety by families of assemblies into SAP. It was also my job to conduct missing calculations of screws and align the current status of the documents stored in the system with production and repair any discrepancies. Also apart from work, I had a wonderful time because I often had the opportunity to accompany my colleagues to various excursions. These activities were for example the visit of dirt track and drag races, a line dance event and weekend trips to Memphis, Nashville and the globally unique Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg. Due to the excellent support in the three-week training period before the stay abroad in Regensburg and the friendly welcome and hospitality of all the colleagues here in the U.S., I have gained an incredible amount of new knowledge with regard to my professional and social skills. I got to know great people who inspired and excited me and have given me a greater open-mindedness and a better understanding of foreign cultures.