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    Pre-study internship

    Start your academic adventure.

    Good studies are the foundation of professional success, and a pre-study industrial internship is often a prerequisite for an admission to universities.

    We offer an array of pre-study industrial internships in different departments so you can be fully motivated to start the next phase of your life. Even a brief pre-study internship will give you insights into your area of interest. And you can do this all at a global market leader.



    Possible operating scope Training center, assembly, production, etc.
    Length of pre-study internship Depends on university internship guidelines
    Application deadlines At least 4–5 months before the planned start of the internship
    Summer semester: start of March through mid-April
    Winter semester: month of October
    Click HERE to learn more about the application process
    Confirmation Summer months: until mid-May
    Winter months: until mid-November
    Remuneration €534.00/month