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    Conventional sensors.

    Temperature monitoring and display.

    Continually monitoring temperature is one of the most important actions for ensuring a transformer's functional capability and readiness for operation. Two thermometer technologies have been refined over the decades and are still used today – the Bourdon principle and the expansion bellows principle. MR customers benefit from being able to obtain both proven technologies from a single source. The MESSKO® BeTech range of thermometers uses recognized expansion bellows technology, while the MESSKO® COMPACT and MESSKO® TRASY2 ranges are based on the Bourdon principle.

    Sensors for temperature monitoring:

    Level monitoring - Oil level indicator.

    Oil level indicators of the MESSKO® MTO product range display the oil level in the transformer's expansion tank. Keeping the sensor and display unit separate prevents the oil from being able to escape from the expansion tank. The oil level is monitored continuously, preventing operating errors – especially when filling the transformer.

    Magnetic oil-level indicators of the MESSKO® MMK product range enable the level to be displayed without having to place a floater in the tank. The magnetic flap indicator can be easily fitted onto existing flange connections (retrofit) in accordance with DIN 42 552 and is an adequate substitute for the temperamental glass-tube display.

    Sensors for oil-level monitoring:

    Digitalization of transformers

    Transformer Monitoring