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    Intelligent sensors.

    The oil analysis devices of the MSENSE® DGA family from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen provide ideal protection for transformers. They continually detect the gas concentration of the most important fault gases, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, as well as the moisture levels of the insulation medium. Depending on the device type, they also test a broad spectrum of gases, providing critical added security for transformers of particular strategic importance.

    MSENSE® BM bushing monitoring uses an innovative and field-tested double reference method (2/3 reference method) that monitors the condition of the bushing insulation in terms of a change in capacitance (C1) and dissipation factor (tan δ) in a three-phase system. The key aspect of this process is that, since the algorithm continuously incorporates all three bushings into mutual monitoring, the temperature dependence of other processes is eliminated. Furthermore, the signals of the respective voltage transformers are used as a reference for detecting the symmetry of the three-phase system. The measurement is checked for validity and grid asymmetries are effectively equalized and eliminated. By cross-checking the three phases, the double-reference method ensures that the influence of temperature and voltage fluctuations on a bushing monitoring system are effectively limited.

    The MSENSE® FO system accurately depicts the winding temperature continuously in real time. It therefore shows the thermal state of the transformer at all times. As an early warning system, MSENSE® FO supports operational security and ensures a long service life.

    Digitalization of transformers

    Transformer Monitoring