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    ETOS® Standalone variant

    Monitor. Control. Regulate.

    Your benefits at
    a glance

    • Modular scope of function, ability to expand to individual needs
    • Smart monitoring and control as the basis for networked transformers
    • ETOS® replaces several control cabinets
    • Global service network for on-site support
    • Easy to operate, intuitive graphics interface
    • Easily upgradable


    Record, evaluate, save and visualize transformer data. ETOS® makes your transformer intelligent.

    The standalone version of ETOS® lets you evaluate and record all relevant operating data of your power transformer, such as monitoring the tap changer or evaluating transformer utilization. ETOS® helps with focused planning of operation and maintenance. Our open ETOS® system can connect sensors from other manufacturers and combine all of the signals in a cabinet. ETOS® complements existing secondary control cabinets and tap-changer drives. Customized upgrades ensure you always have the best configuration for future tasks.

    Upgrading and modernizing. We keep you up to date..

    ETOS® is also ideal for updating the intelligence of older transformers of any age. For these updates, existing sensors and accessories can be easily integrated or, on request, replaced by new (smart) technology. If you also want a separate cabinet for the transformer cooling system or wish to replace an older tap-changer drive, ETOS® lets you smoothly implement these projects. Tell us about the scope of your functions and we will perform a prompt assessment. If you have them on hand, you can also provide us with corresponding plans and connection diagrams.

    The intelligent transformer. Up to date and cost effective.

    Fitting ETOS® directly on the transformer allows the captured data to be transferred to the control station via network protocol using a fiber-optic cable. Due to the decreased wiring complexity for installation, this leads to significantly reduced costs when compared to a conventional connection. Enter the future of energy technology with ETOS®. You can reduce overall costs by up to 60% depending on the scope.


    Open system. ETOS® functions.

    Efficient control and monitoring of transformers.

    • Innovative top drive or proven drive technology with mechanical drive linkage
    • Integrated motor current monitoring and monitoring of tap position
    • Conforms to IEC 60214-1:2014
    Standard functions (contained in every ETOS® design)
    • Status monitoring of the protective devices (e.g. RS2001, Buchholz relay, PRD)
    • Monitoring the oil temperature
    • System voltage, load current, frequency, load factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power
    • Hot-spot calculation in accordance with IEC 60076-7 or ANSI/IEEE C57.91
    • Calculation of aging rate and loss-of-life
    • Tap position capture
    Advanced functions
    • Capability of transformer to handle overload in the short or long term with live calculation and simulation of overload forecasts in accordance with IEC 60076-7 or ANSI/IEEE C57.91
    • Calculation of the bubbling temperature
    • Calculation of paper moisture content
    Cooling system monitoring
    • Number of starts per cooling level
    • Operating time per cooling level
    • Monitoring of Rth and cooling efficiency
    Cooling system control
    • Switching points, hysteresis and delay times adjustable to your needs
    • Various control algorithms (Periodic cooling group activation or predictive cooling)
    • Fail-safe mode
    • Optional as frequency-controlled cooling system control for increased performance and lower fan wear
    Standard functions
    • Status monitoring of the motor-drive signals
    • Maintenance recommendations and maintenance interval calculation for OILTAP® and VACUTAP®
    • Calculation of contact wear for OILTAP®
    • Tap-position statistics for the OLTC (number of tap-change operations/tap, duration per tap)
    • Monitoring of OLTC oil temperature
    Advanced functions
    • Motor current index in accordance with IEEE PC57.143
    • For ETOS® ED: OLTC torque monitoring
    • Online recording of up to ten corrosive gases, relative moisture in oil and relative overall gas content
    • Configurable limit value for each gas
    • Diagram of the measured values
    • Measured value memory
    • Universal 4…20mA or Modbus RTU Interface for capturing the DGA sensor signals
    • Standard evaluation methods in accordance with Duval, Rogers, Dörnenburg and IEC 60599
    Standard functions
    • Measurement of system voltage and load current (single- or three-phase)
    • One desired value
    • Voltage regulation with linear delay time T1
    • Status of the motor-drive unit
    Advanced functions
    • Various types of desired-value setting (three or fi ve desired values, TAPCON® Dynamic Setpoint Control, desired-value setting via analog value, raise/lower pulse, desired value via BCD)
    • Automatic voltage regulation with linear or integral time characteristics and two delay times T1 and T2
    • Parallel operation via CAN bus (up to 16 transformers)
    • Line drop compensation (RX or Z compensation)
    • Monitoring of bandwidth
    • Function monitoring
    • Limit-value monitoring
    • Monitoring of changes in C1 capacitance
    • Monitoring of the dissipation factor (tan δ)
    • System voltage
    Additional functions
    • Freely programmable digital and analog inputs and outputs
    • Open programming with function blocks possible with TPLE function
    • Optional: Integration of functions in a motor-drive unit for the on-load tap-changer (side drive or innovative top drive)
    • Optional: Integration of the complete control including power unit of a conventional cooling system. Can also be combined with the advantages of intelligent cooling system control, such as predictive cooling (on request)
    • Visualization using web server (SVG and HTML 5) included as standard for various end devices
    • IEC61850 Ed. 1 and Ed 2. MMS, and GOOSE
    • IEC60870-5-101, -103, -104
    • DNP3
    • Modbus TCP, RTU, ASCII
    • Remote maintenance Support