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    Trial internship

    Our valuable insights. Your unbridled curiosity.

    We offer a one-week school student internship as a platform for you to try out a technical, business or IT field.

    After you finish school, the selection of skilled trades is huge. Are you uncertain which one is right for you?
    In this internship, we focus on you, what we do and on your opportunities with us.

    Are you trying to figure out what comes after school?
    Take a week-long peek behind the curtain of the job of your dreams. You'll be given your own tasks to complete, qualified advisors, a direct line to our trainees and, ideally, an answer to the question: What do I want to be in the future?

    Your application requires a cover letter stating the skilled trade you want to apply for, your preferred timeframe, a CV and your most recent school report.

    How about teaming up and achieving even more together? Apply today and explore an exciting internship. Learn from experienced experts who will challenge and support you.


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