Passive filters for clean grids.

    Your benefits
    at a glance:

    • Decades of expertise in the design and construction of passive harmonics filters
    • Filter testing both using simulations as well as under real-world conditions in lab tests
    • Sophisticated protection and control concept as well as carefully dimensioned components prevent overloading

    GRIDCON® CHF (Classic harmonic filter) passive filters are installed parallel to harmonic generators and ensure that the harmonic currents are diverted, thus preventing impermissibly high voltage distortion in the grid section. Passive filters are adapted to a specific harmonic frequency, for example the fifth harmonic frequency, which tends to be dominant. If other harmonics are to be diverted as well, then multiple filters are installed in parallel. What sets the GRIDCON® CHF series apart is that the filters automatically adapt to the grid situation within the system limits during operation, resulting in optimized utilization and filter effect.


    Functions and customer benefits

    • Preventing production disruptions:
      GRIDCON® CHF use targeted diversion of individual harmonics currents to smooth voltage distortion to a defined EMC level outside of which voltages could result in malfunctions and significant damage to electronic consumers.
    • Securing warranty claims and insurance protection:
      When devices are operated with a voltage supply that does not correspond to the agreed-upon requirements, manufacturer’s warranty claims become invalid, and insurance protection could also be placed at risk. GRIDCON® CHF helps to maintain the quality of the voltage supply.
    • Reducing equipment wear and maintenance instances:
      GRIDCON® CHF prevents equipment from overheating through targeted diversion of high-energy harmonics currents in the low-frequency range.
    • Reducing investment costs:
      GRIDCON® CHF is a particularly economical solution if, for the foreseeable future, the fifth harmonic frequency, which is often the most dominant on the grid, is to be reduced.

    Possible applications for GRIDCON® CHF


    Are you sure that your production facilities are sufficiently protected against disruptions? We are happy to carry out a comprehensive grid analysis with you in order to proactively identify any possible problems. Naturally, should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.