The flexible, modular power-conversion system.

    Your benefits
    at a glance:

    • Individually configurable
    • A comprehensive software library with tested functions
    • Can be modularly expanded both in terms of hardware and software
    • Scalable from 90 kVA to 3.6 MVA, 64 kWh to 2.4 MWh

    GRIDCON® PCS (power conversion system) is a versatile, modular power converter/inverter system for DC and AC supply in the low-voltage range that can be used to operate energy storage systems, among other applications. The system supports a broad spectrum of field-tested applications and can be configured and enhanced based on customer needs. A variety of designs are available for use on the grid and in industrial applications (buildings, industry, containers, IP20 to IP54).


    Functions and customer benefits

    • Reducing system perturbations:
      GRIDCON® PCS is an active AC/DC converter. The range of functions includes the supply of reactive power (Q, cos φ) and active power (load smoothing, energy management, optimization of individual use, supply, grid support). Moreover, GRIDCON® PCS also contains active filters for the elimination of harmonics, as well as functions for voltage stabilization and the prevention of asymmetrical loads.
    • Reducing operating costs:
      In combination with an energy accumulator, GRIDCON® PCS makes it possible to reduce costs through load smoothing, and also offers the option of autonomous supply.
    • Handling system services:
      GRIDCON® PCS works as a grid-forming inverter in isolated operation and can provide a back-up grid. GRIDCON® PCS is also equipped with DC/DC modules with independently controllable feeders for power-controlled and voltage-controlled functions that make it possible to connect energy accumulators such as batteries, supercapacitors or electrolysis.

    Possible applications for GRIDCON® PCS


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