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    New Generation of Flow Indicators

    Your benefits at
    a glance

    • New paddle design and material – made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic material
    • Revised interior design (position of switches / new actuating cam)
    • Optimized ventilation
    • Coating according current DIN EN ISO 12944-9, available in C4H an CX
    • Revised scale
    • Micro switches with higher switching capacity (10A/250 V AC; 4A/24 V DC)

    Product Description

    MESSKO MFLOC 2.0 detects pump failure in power transformer oil or water cooling systems immediately and reliably. A specially designed paddle is placed as flow resistance in the circulating cooling liquid to monitor the flow of the cooling fluid. When the pump is on, the flow pressure applied to the paddle, ensures that it rotates to an end stop and functions safely in case of laminar or non-laminar medium flow.

    The new generation is based on the MESSKO MFLOC, a product that has been in the product portfolio since 2010. It was further developed, subjected to functional tests and optimized. This ensures that there are no changes to the predecessor model during assembly and retrofit installations.

    The highlights:

    • Quick and easy installation - no paddle regulation or adjustment for different flow velocities required
    • Separate sensor and indicator components with patented magnetic coupling for absolute air tightness
    • Two permanently set switching contacts (changeover)
    • Available for oil and other cooling fluids, and in an additional model for water cooled circulations

    The new paddle


    The MESSKO MFLOC 2.0 has been developed with an improved paddle design. The paddle is made from Polyamide Copolymer, 50% Glass Fiber – a proven material in the Reinhausen Group. The optimized functionality of the new design was confirmed by internal and external lab tests during the stage of development.

    Technical Data


    Ambient Temperature -40°C up to +80°C
    -40°F up to 176°F
    Temperature of cooling liquid -30°C up to +120°C
    -22°F up to 248°F
    Protection class IP54 (IP65 in certification process)
    Pipe diameter DN100 to DN300; other diameters on request
    Indication unit Diameter 100 mm / 3,94''
    Flow speed min: 0,7 [m/s] / 27,56 [inch/s]
    max: 2,5 [m/s] / 98,43 [inch/s]

    Micro Switches

    Electrical connection Terminal box including M20 x 1,5 cable glands or Terminal box including 3/4"-NPT cable glands (Optional ANSI and Military connector available)
    Max. contact rating According IEC 60076-22-1: 230 V AC Switch on: 250 VA / cos φ >0,5
    Switch off: 60 VA / cos φ >0,5
    24 V DC to 220 V DC Switch on: 130 W / L/R <40 ms
    Switch off: 25 W / L/R <40 ms
    According IEC 60947-5-1: 10 A/250 V AC or 4 A/24 V DC, min. 0,5 mA/5 V DC
    Rated insulation voltage 2,5 kV AC/1 min., contacts to housing


    View glass laminated safety glass with UV filter
    Housing/terminal box powder coated according to DIN EN ISO 12944-9:2018-06; available in C4H and CX
    Paddle Polyamide Copolymer, 50% Glass Fiber
    Dial Aluminum anodized white coated digital printing
    Gasket NBR for mineral oil, EPDM for water, Viton for alternative isolation liquids

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