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    TAPCON® 250

    The ANSI solution for the US market

    Your benefits at
    a glance

    • Voltage regulator for standard applications
    • Specifically adapted to the US market (UL certification)
    • Variety of adapter panels provided for existing transformer control units
    • Communication to DNP3

    Product description

    The standard voltage regulator, especially for the American market, in accordance with the ANSI standard. It features an outstanding compact form and high level of operating comfort. Regardless of whether it is used for simple regulation tasks or complex requirements, the TAPCON® 250 can be used flexibly and completes all tasks reliably. It is a real all-around worker that offers the highest level of operating comfort.
    Additionally, for already-available transformer control schemes, a large number of specific adapter panels are available as a retrofit solution.
    The TAPCON® 250 makes commissioning and daily operation very easy, even for unexperienced users. The large and transparently arranged, contrast-rich screen, among other components, provides for this.
    Powerful technology, packaged in a user-friendly manner – that is the TAPCON® 250

    Technical Data


    TAPCON® 250


    Voltage regulation, including line drop compensation

    Parallel operation mode up to number of transformers


    Optional functions

    Customer-specific topology


    Limit Volt

    On-load tap changer monitoring (TAPGUARD® 240 function)

    Regulation of three-winding transformers

    Parallel transformer bank operation of single-phase transformers

    Cooling system control

    Order-specific programming





    Siemens LSA


    Tap position detection


    Current signal

    Voltage signal

    Resistor contact series

    Housing design

    Surface mounting