Ultra fast charging with high efficiency and flexible grid integration

    Your benefits
    at a glance:

    • Fast charging of electric vehicles with up to 250 kW through dynamic power exchange between several charging points
    • Direct integration of a central buffer storage without an additional converter
    • Completely water-cooled power electronics and charging cable for quiet, continuous operation even in demanding environments
    • Bidirectional operation opens up new business models for depot solutions and SmartGrid applications

    GRIDCON® HPC (High Power Charging) is a flexible, efficient and future-oriented solution for high-power charging stations. The bidirectional, fast-charging stations enable low-loss coupling to other DC systems such as battery storage or additional GRIDCON® HPC units. The integrated bidirectional AC-DC converter links connected batteries to the distribution grid and also facilitates the use of battery-powered vehicles as bidirectional mobile storage units within future smart grids.


    Functions and customer benefits

    • Fast charging independent of the supply network structure:
      With its efficient battery storage connection, the GRIDCON® HPC enables high-power charging of electric vehicles even in weak supply networks.
    • Dynamic power distribution in parallel operation:
      The GRIDCON® HPC enables use of the maximum available power, thus ensuring optimum utilization of operating resources.
    • Reduced investment costs:
      The possibility of 690V input voltage supply reduces connection costs for complex infrastructure charging projects.
    • Support of power grids through intelligent load management:
      Thanks to its bidirectional design, the GRIDCON® HPC allows intelligent load management, thus enabling future technologies.

    Possible applications for GRIDCON® HPC


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