GRIDCON® grid analysis/grid study

    Professionally evaluated.


    Power Quality consulting approach


    | Recording of current and voltage over a defined period using high-resolution measuring technology (full service incl. installation/removal, measuring technology and evaluation)

    | Simulation of electrical grids with particular attention paid to power electronics, using state-of-the-art simulation software


    Functions and customer benefits


    The following negative effects can result from the line voltage moving outside of the normative limit values:

    • Malfunctions of systems and components / devices / data lines
    • Destruction / premature aging of compensation systems
    • Costs incurred by restarting system parts (e.g. rebooting the PC, server)
    • Noise development and additional losses in devices, transformers, motors, etc.
    • Circuit breakers / fuses tripping by mistake due to thermal overload and disconnect transformers, systems, cables, etc.
    • Straining of N conductor by harmonics, resulting in danger of wear and generally increased load on the grid

    Our team has been consulting in this field for 30 years and has extensive experience with solutions to prevent the above effects.