Next Generation High-Power Charging:
    Driving e-mobility. 



    A 150 kW charging station to make e-mobility more attractive 


    A big size communication tool for smart cities

    GRIDCON® HPC offers stunning 150 kW of DC power that reduces EV charging time significantly. It can be expanded to 350 kW DC as a dual charging station. It is compact, silent and fits anywhere where high-power charging is needed. Which, in the very near future, will be almost anywhere. Designed by leading experts in high-power technology, the GRIDCON® HPC is as safe and reliable as it is future-proof. It is also fit to charge vans, trucks and busses.  

    GRIDCON® HPC is the first charging station that is also a digital billboard. With its impressive 55” screen and its bi-directional connectivity, you can communicate whatever you like. From news to weather reports, from welcoming guests at your hotel to promoting specials at your restaurant. By selling advertising space to third parties, you can also generate a substantial income.


    A magnet to attract customers and expand business 

    Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, parking garages and cinemas have one thing in common: Customers who get there by EV expect these places to have charging stations. Simply because very soon it will be the new normal to charge while you shop, enjoy entertainment or dine. The compact but powerful GRIDCON® HPC is made for entrepreneurs who want to make their customers happy and generate an extra income by selling electricity at the same time.     


    Boosting your business.


    A bi-directional innovation to stabilize grids and reduce energy costs


    A vital part of managing the energy transition

    Our solution can handle bi-directional flows of data and energy. A technical feature that is quite revolutionary. Bi-directionality means the battery of an EV can also give off power – for example, to stabilize a grid in times of high demand. Our solution´s V2G (vehicle-to-grid) capability is also a great tool to balance energy costs. This is especially interesting for operators of large fleets and high-power EVs like trucks or vans.  



    EVs should be powered by renewables to make them climate neutral. With our high-power DC charging solutions, we make sure that locally generated green energy can be used directly. We also take care, that grids remain stable. Our technology is so smart, that we can install high-power DC charging without investing in expensive grid extensions. We can also design and build big scale charging hubs like in parking garages, shopping malls or for commercial fleets. In the end, you get a powerful charging hub infrastructure that is as technologically advanced as it is economically sound. 


    A starting point for your tailor-made charging solution.


    E-mobility will change our economy and the way we live. We are here to make the best out of the opportunities this new era offers. When it comes to charging, we believe in collaboration to create perfect tailor-made solutions. The GRIDCON HPC is a great piece of hardware we can adjust to your needs. The same is true for the next generation of high-power infrastructure we can build for you. We strongly believe that the future belongs to solutions that open new business perspectives by making green change happen. We are ready to start this journey with you.  



    Your are interested to develop innovative DC-Grid Solutions, developing first V2G Project in the high power charging segment or you are looking for other eras of collaboration? Please contact us and we are connecting you with our experts in the relevant fields of your interest.