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    Continuous extension of operating times combined with higher loads exerted on power transformers are placing ever-increasing quality demands on temperature monitoring; precise measured value and process monitoring methods are essential requirements for safe operation and reliable remote monitoring.

    Temperature sensors by MESSKO have been ably meeting these requirements for decades. By adding Digital Temperature Transmitters TT-PWM61 and TT-PWM62 to the program, we have expanded our product range by two temperature sensors featuring “built-in” digital temperature transmission. Interfacing with control room systems for process monitoring can be implemented on the basis of current bus technologies. By comparison with the TT-PWM61, the TT-PWM62 has the added advantage of an analog thermometer, enabling the temperature to be read off locally.

    The PWM technology employed obviates the need for calibration to the selected output signal. The comprehensive evaluation and transmission electronics are incorporated in a standard DIN head. Connection is established via the Coninverse plug included with each temperature sensor. The corresponding cable connectors must be ordered separately.

    Signal output

    Voltage supply