Stable power supply in India, also thanks to high-voltage test systems from HIGHVOLT

Martina Gräfe (front, centre) and Andreas Horeth (right) from HIGHVOLT talking with trade fair visitors Martina Gräfe (front, centre) and Andreas Horeth (right) from HIGHVOLT talking with trade fair visitors

In India, too, as elsewhere in the world, gas-insulated switchgear is used both in powerful transformer stations in the urban environment and in hydropower plants in mountainous regions. Against this background, it is very important for the grid stability to have extremely robust gas-insulated switchgear with low breakdown susceptibility.

To be able to meet not only the high quality demands, but also the additional requirement of a long service life, the switchgear must be tested intensively – and that not only during the development phase. These tests are followed by permanent quality testing both at the works and at the site during operation.

High-voltage test systems from HIGHVOLT, type WRVG or WPG, are the ideal choice for testing the dielectric strength of switchgear installations. They are offered for both mobile and stationary applications, and are characterized by user-friendly operation, flexible applications and extraordinary reliability.

It is therefore not surprising that the HIGHVOLT representatives were highly sought-after discussion partners at the ELECRAMA fair which was held in the Indian city of Bangalore from 13 to 17 February. The wish to be able to test gas-insulated switchgear not only at the time of commissioning, but also after repair or within the framework of preventive maintenance, was expressed again and again. "We already had the right solution up our sleeves," says HIGHVOLT engineer Andreas Horeth. "We combine our test systems with additional measuring equipment, for example for the monitoring of partial discharges. The customer receives data about his system by way of intelligent software solutions and can then integrate this data into his own asset management concept." The interest at the ELECRAMA fair was correspondingly high.

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