REINHAUSEN solutions for dry-type transformers


    Demand for environmentally-friendly transformers with good fire protection is on the rise – as a result of increased use in conurbations, for example. Dry-type transformers meet these very requirements. They are therefore the transformer of choice in industrial plants and building complexes with high fire protection requirements and are also suited to use at sea. Offshore wind farms and electrical systems in ships also benefit from the fact that this technology requires virtually no maintenance. The need for electrical reliability and dry-type transformer safety are high. Building efficient, small systems is challenging due to the lack of oil as a coolant which means that thermal losses rise as the load current increases. This attaches even more importance to components of outstanding quality and reliability which are matched to the transformer in hand.


    By providing customized products of outstanding reliability, REINHAUSEN helps to optimize the technology and economic viability of your dry-type transformers. Our innovative strength and our long-standing experience in switching very high voltages allow us to respond to the current trend towards dry-type transformers with higher voltages.

    Oil-free vacuum tap-changers minimize pollution and fire risks and are virtually maintenance-free. Special variants take account of the special challenges associated with insulation coordination, thermal loading, and the size of dry-type transformers.  REINHAUSEN's products  for monitoring your transformer also withstand the toughest of ambient conditions. Our Power Composites experts are developing new fiber-based insulation materials, such as cooling cores, especially for dry-type transformers. The test systems from HIGHVOLT test the components very accurately for use – for special applications too, for example at sea. And it goes without saying that our service is available around the globe.