Efficient and reliably power transmission

    HVDC is the technology of choice for efficiently transporting power over long distances (>400 km) and with sea cables. In large emerging countries such as the BRIC countries, HVDC cables already transmit several GW of electric power at up to 800 kV over thousands of kilometers. Power from off-shore wind farms far out at sea can be efficiently fed into the grid with HVDC. The latest compact, self-managed voltage source converters open up new areas of use for HVDC technology. For example, shorter transmission routes can be efficiently implemented too. Another important application is the safe linking of grids using HVDC short couplings. Grids with different voltages, frequencies or management regimes can thereby be connected safely and without error.

    Innovative portfolio for optimum HVDC

    Reinhausen helps you to make optimum use of the potential of HVDC technology and safeguard the quality of the power transmission grid. The products are designed for the special conditions in HVDC converters (rectifiers and inverters). MR on-load tap-changers regulate transformers with their standard high level of quality to feed into thyristor-based HVDC converters. MR tap-changers for feed-in transformers in VSC systems reduce the switching loads of bipolar power semiconductors in the converter tap-change circuits and extend their service lives. Specially sized composite hollow isolators from Reinhausen Power Composites (RPC) ensure the operation of your HVDC systems as part of transformer and wall bushings. Special protective devices protect the transformers in the event of errors and cut operating costs. Our mobile HIGHVOLT test systems support the efficient start-up of HVDC systems and can provide your asset management team with expert support in condition evaluation. And it goes without saying that our service is available around the globe.