Cable end terminations

Cable terminations are used in routine, sample, and type testing of plastic-insulated medium and high voltage cables according to IEC 60840 (30-150kV), IEC 62067 (150-550kV), IEC 60060-1, IEC 60060-2 and IEC 60270. They act as the connection between the test object and the high voltage test system.

There are two models of cable terminations using different techniques depending on the test voltage of the cables to be tested.

EKP-type oil termination systems are used to test medium voltage cables with test voltages of up to 100 kV.

CETS-type water termination systems are used to test medium and high voltage cables with test voltages ranging from 75 kV to 800 kV. In addition to the water terminations they feature a water conditioning unit. When testing cables, the system extracts the produced heat losses via a closed water circuit and at the same time, monitors the conductivity of the resistive stress grader medium.

ApplicationsEKP- type

  • AC testing
  • Impulse voltage testing
  • Partial discharge (PD) measurements
  • Loss factor measurements
  • Routine, sample, and type testing

Benefits of EKP-type

  • Plug contact to conveniently connect the test object to the oil termination
  • Uses standard transformer oil as the insulating medium
  • Compact design


Benefits of CETS-typeCETS-type

  • Minimizes the electrical stresses on the water terminations through intelligent control of conductivity
  • Testing lab does not become contaminated through the use of water as an insulating medium
  • Low level of partial discharge
  • The test object can be quickly installed in the water termination by means of snap fasteners
  • Optionally available guard electrode for measuring the loss factor
  • Optionally available motor control system for an adjustable pitch angle of the water termination

Technical parameters/system types