Modular DC test system

For factory and on-site testing of components for HVDC transmission

The modular DC test system saves time, costs and space. It can be used in factory testing and is also available for on-site testing with container and trailer solutions to assure a short assembly and disassembly. An in the DC module integrated voltage divider enables the space saving design and due to the modular design the test system is extendable to higher voltages later on.


  • Series connection of up to three modules to generate high voltage DC test voltages up to 1200kV
  • Fulfills the requirements of IEC 60060-1
  • For routine, type and development tests on components of HVDC transmission systems (e.g. bushings, cables)
  • Useful for withstand testing or for polarity reversal testing
  • High voltage test fields (stationary or mobile)
  • On-site testing at fair weather conditions (installation in container/on trailer)
  • Expandable for PD measurement


  • Container and trailer solutions for transportation of test system
  • Space saving design for stationary tests in the laboratory
  • Compact and robust design allows operation on-site and in the lab
  • Automatically-operated polarity reversal
  • Modular design allows easy upgrade of the voltage level later on
  • Less sensitivity against humidity
  • High power allows:
    Charge of large test objects
    Polarity reversal in shorter period
  • Low Ripple factor

Technical parameters/system types