DC test systems

For factory testing of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) components and for purposes of research

DC test systems are used to test components and complete systems found in electrical power supply systems and operating on DC voltage. HIGHVOLT DC voltage test systems can be implemented for tests with highest voltages according to IEC 60060-1.

HIGHVOLT manufactures three types of DC test systems for various performance categories.
The L- and K-series test systems are designed for tests with low currents, such as bushings, and feature a compact design. The M-series test systems are designed to test systems with higher currents ranging up to several hundred milliamperes, such as for outdoor or pollution testing.

The DC voltage test systems are generally equipped with polarity reversal.

In addition HIGHVOLT offers DC voltage sources for charging capacitor banks for voltages up to 1,000 kV. They are also designed to be compact and highly reliable.


  • High-voltage DC testing for transformers, cables, bushings, switchgears, etc.
  • Wet and pollution testing
  • DC current measurements at high-voltage potential
  • Charging capacitor banks for high-performance testing
  • Special testing, for example, for bipolar testing of overhead lines
  • For use indoors and outdoors


  • Low ripple on voltage (< 3%)
  • Large range of nominal voltages (up to 2,000 kV) and nominal currents
    (up to 1,000 mA)
  • Rapid polarity reversal
  • Upgrades for the DC test system to measure partial discharges of the test system at low background noise levels

Technical parameters/system types