Industry Sectors and Applications

HIGHVOLT offers complete solutions.
You will be thoroughly satisfied.


Too many cooks spoil the broth, especially if you lose track of where the ingredients come from because of all the contributors. Our customers won’t find themselves in this tricky situation. As a provider of complete solutions, HIGHVOLT offers all services from one source, from entire test bays right down to individual systems. In this manner we can guarantee that every detail lives up to our high expectations for quality.
All components fit together excellently and even complex systems can be operated reliably and intuitively via a standard user interface.

Our broad offering of products for high voltage test systems and high current test systems, including ultra high voltages, ranges from AC test systems and DC test systems, to impulse voltage test systems, impulse current test systems, and the associated measurement equipment.

A variety of applications

We offer more than just proven technology. Consulting and support services related to test systems are also part of our comprehensive service offering. HIGHVOLT is your one-stop resource for all your needs, such as consulting services when planning a system, upgrading older test systems, looking for calibration services, or creating the layout for a test bay.

The diversity of our product range is mirrored in the possible applications for HIGHVOLT test systems. Our systems have proven themselves in testing transformers, cables, SF6 and air-insulated switchgears, instrument transformers, and arresters. The range of applications spans the gamut from routine testing and on-site testing with our mobile systems to special tests. Our products are also in high demand in R&D departments.