Transformers and Reactors

Systems that can generate a range of voltages, test power classes, and frequencies are required for routine and type testing as well as on-site testing of transformers. Open-circuit and short-circuit measurements and impulse voltage and applied voltage testing can be performed as part of factory testing. A variety of measurement devices that can be used to equip the test bay are additionally available for various tasks, for example, to determine transformer parameters.

HIGHVOLT provides test systems for on-site use, in addition to offering delivery of fully-equipped stationary transformer test bays. The entire range of routine testing procedures can be performed on-site with these mobile systems. The components of the test systems are compact and can be transported on trailers and/or in 40 ft shipping containers.

Our many years of experience put us in a position to be able to offer you consulting services. We will craft innovative solutions for you that will include the layout of your test bay, shielding, and grounding. A special focus is placed on improving the workflow in the test bay. HIGHVOLT implements the control concept HVSuite® to ensure a high level of quality when testing, while reducing the time required performing the work. Thanks to this control concept, using a single interface also guarantees that the test systems and measurement equipment are easy to operate. The measurement values are captured in a centralized database.