PD measurement equipment

PD measurement equipment is a complement to high voltage testing and is an integral part of routine and type testing of numerous electrical devices. It is one of the most important non-destructive methods to detect insulation faults in electrical devices. The breakdown of insulating material generally occurs at an internal weak point that has already previously shown partial discharge activity. For this reason it is an asset to be able to measure partial discharges in order to avoid costly damage. PD measurement is therefore used in quality assurance checks and diagnostics at the factory as well as during on-site testing of cables, GIS, power transformers and instrument transformers, or in rotating machines and their components.

HIGHVOLT offers application-based PD devices/systems, depending on the test object:

  • For single-channel (ICMcompact) and multi-channel measurement requirements (MPD 600)
  • For different measurement procedures (IEC 60270, UHV, acoustic)

The PD measurement devices can be integrated into control, data capture, logging systems of HIGHVOLT test systems to ensure ease of operation.


  • Testing of components, devices, and systems for high voltage and medium voltage equipment
  • Testing at the factory and on-site
  • For material testing in research and development


  • HIGHVOLT delivers customized PD measurement technology for the customer
  • Ease of operation, due to integration into control, data capture, and logging systems