Upgrade for measurement and control technology and test systems

Measurement and control technology

High voltage components have a long lifecycle. They will provide more than 30 years of true service on average. However the picture is somewhat different for the measurement and control technology in the systems. Nowadays software and computers become outdated at a fast pace due to advances in technology, often changing every five to ten years. An upgrade is called for in order to bring system performance back up to par. Upgrades are a quick and cost-effective option, breathing “new” life into an old system, yet without having to replace the expensive high voltage components. HIGHVOLT performs upgrades to systems using SIMATIC, the standard controller used in the industry.

Our services:

  • Modernization of the controller using available test systems
  • Upgrade of controllers to computer automation systems
  • Integration of measurement equipment into automated controllers
  • Upgrade of the measurement equipment according to valid standards in terms of measurement accuracy and calibration

Test systems

Many of our customers are realizing more often now that they require high voltage test systems with greater power and voltages. It used to be the case that you just invested in an entirely new high voltage test system. Nowadays there is another option that is far more cost-effective. HIGHVOLT can retrofit your existing high voltage test systems or test bays, allowing you an attractive way to continue using them. As a provider of complete solutions, HIGHVOLT’s team of consultants will prove to be valuable when planning the new test bays.

Our services:

  • Upgrading high voltage components to facilitate greater levels of voltage
  • Expanding power capacity by retrofitting high voltage components
  • Integration of the enhanced high voltage components into the measurement and control technology of the overall system


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