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Our innovations are built upon a solid foundation. Our company has been in the business of high voltage test systems and measurement equipment for more than a century. HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH emerged in 1995 as a continuation of Koch & Sterzel, a company originally founded in 1904 and at that time a leading German manufacturer of power and measuring transformers, as well as HV test equipment. The company was renamed to Transformatoren- und Röntgenwerk (TuR) after WWII. After the unification of Germany, TuR was bought by the Siemens AG in 1991. After several years of ownership of the Siemens AG it was decided to establish an independent company to deal with HV test equipment. Since 2002 HIGHVOLT is a member of the Reinhausen Group.


  • One of the outstanding achievements of Koch & Sterzel has been the world's first 1 MV cascade transformer (1923) for the high voltage hall of TH (today TU Dresden). Further Highlights have been the development of impulse voltage generators up to 2.5 MV (1929, according to the multiplier circuit of Marx) and direct voltage generators up to 1 MV, mainly for research in nuclear physics.
  • TuR produced the largest HV test systems of the world (1990) with up to 3 MV alternating (AC) and 7.2 MV impulse voltages as well as very powerful direct (DC) voltage sources 1.35 MV.
  • HIGHVOLT has been the first company developing a mobile AC test system
    (type WRV) based on variable test frequency
    to test high voltage cables and gas-insulated switchgears in the late 1990s.
  • The market introduction of the first onsite test system for induced voltage testing of transformers (type WV) based on the technology of the static frequency converter in 2006 was another milestone in HIGHVOLT’s corporate history.